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A5 ECO Notebook

Top 10 Eco Friendly Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Corporate gifts in Singapore are a great way to network with other businesses, build strong relationships with customers, and express gratitude to coworkers. On the other hand, Eco-Friendly gifts reflect your brand image. It also demonstrates your corporate social responsibility in keeping the environment clean.

They show that you respect and value all stakeholders. As a result, environmentally conscious customers will view your company favorably. Among all the custom corporate gifts available in Singapore, it is critical to select the best corporate gift that meets the needs of your corporate clients. Here are ten one-of-a-kind Eco-Friendly Corporate Gift Ideas from FG Concepts:

(FG-421) A5 ECO Notebook with pet sticky tab & pen (70 sheets) ($2.20)

There are numerous occasions when you need to put pen to paper, such as during staff meetings, reviewing project reports, doodling, noting ideas, or even interviewing a potential new hire. This ECO notebook is an environmentally friendly gift that recipients are sure to appreciate. The notebook’s cover is an ideal place for custom printing. You can add a company logo, artwork, names, or inspirational quotes, to name a few. You can also personalise the pen that comes with it, which has a small storage compartment for it.

Eco-friendly notebooks are biodegradable when compared to existing notebooks with polyurethane (PU) and genuine leather covers. As eco-friendly corporate gifts, a notebook with a pen is a sure bet. It gets consistently ranked as one of the most popular corporate gifts in Singapore.

(FG-451) Stainless Steel 3-pc Straw set with brush & box ($2.90)

Stainless Steel 3-pc Straw

Straws are commonplace in Singaporean life. About 2.2 million straws are used in Singapore every day, of which most end up in canals, drains, and, eventually, the oceans. As a result, restaurants and eateries such as KFC in Singapore have completely discontinued plastic straws. Stainless steel straws are a great alternative to single-use plastic straws. They are practical corporate gifts that speak volumes about your company’s corporate social responsibility. The container can be printed with a logo to create a one-of-a-kind corporate gift. For hygiene and cleaning purposes, you can get the Stainless Steel 3-pc Straw set from FG Concepts. It is a corporate gifts company in Singapore.

(FG-405) Straw Wheat Lunch Box ($3.40)

Straw Wheat Lunch Box

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, most people order their meals to go. Those who are more health-conscious may have packed their home-cooked meals and reheated them at work. As a result, a lunch box or container would be ideal corporate gifts to give to employees. It is an incentive to be environmentally conscious while also promoting healthy living. Even though we can microwave most plastic food containers, the idea of heating plastic wasn’t entirely convincing to everyone. As a result, the lunch box’s material makes it a safe and practical gift that the recipients will appreciate.

Instead of selecting a plastic-labeled microwave-safe lunch box, the company can gift the straw wheat lunch box. Straw wheat is biodegradable, and you can reheat it several times. It is also freezer-safe and can withstand high temperatures. Purchasing a straw wheat lunch box to hold your meal would be far safer and more durable in the long run than a plastic food container. This eco-friendly lunch box comes with one pair of utensils to make it easier for you to eat your meals on the go. A straw wheat lunch box is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a practical eco-friendly gift.

(FG-97) 80gsm Non-Woven Bag ($0.55)

Non-Woven Bag

Gifting a trendy-looking non-woven tote bag can help you make a professional impression. Because the bags are inexpensive, purchasing in bulk is an excellent option, particularly for corporate entities with limited budgets. Non-woven bag fabric is not only lightweight but can also be easily folded and compressed. It makes them popular among people who like to bring more carriers when they go grocery shopping. They are large enough to store almost anything, making them ideal Singapore corporate gifts. Because non-woven bags are lightweight, recipients are willing to carry them. When you print your corporate logo on the non-woven bag, this can also increase brand awareness. Again, because of its lightweight nature, the weight of a non-woven bag does not add to the weight.

For corporate companies in Singapore, this provides an alternative option for a shopping bag or shoppers’ bag. Non-woven bags have become popular in Singapore as an alternative to standard plastic or paper bags. Furthermore, companies such as Fairprice and IKEA are already advocating for the use of a non-woven bag. It is a clear indication that non-woven bags are environmentally friendly and cheap corporate gifts in Singapore.

(FG-296) Cotton Canvas Bag ($2)

Cotton Canvas Bag

Cotton Canvas Bags are better for the environment because they are reusable and recyclable, and they promote a positive image for your company. When compared to cheap plastic bags, these bags are also more durable, stylish, and sturdy. This canvas bag is an excellent goodie bag at a corporate event. It can be a walking advertisement for your company, packaged as a corporate gift, and sponsored items. Cotton canvas bags are increasingly popular among Singaporeans because they are practical for everyday use. In most cases, the canvas bag will be reused even after the event, whereas the chances of reusing a plastic or paper bag are slim. As a result, it is an ideal eco-friendly gift for a corporate gift in Singapore.

(FG-407) Straw Wheat Cutlery Set in a box ($1.80)

Straw Wheat Cutlery Set

The Straw Wheat Cutlery Set includes chopsticks, a spoon, and a fork made from natural wheat straws. Straw wheat scraps scattered on the surface form an essential design element for this eco-friendly cutlery set. Straw wheat cutlery sets are more convenient to transport than stainless steel cutlery sets. They are shatter-resistant, lightweight, and reusable, making them an ideal corporate gift for everyday use. More importantly, they are more durable than traditional plastic cutlery, which is prone to breaking. They are non-toxic and biodegradable. They are also safe to use in refrigerators, dishwashers, lightweights, microwaves, and ovens. In Singapore, printing on straw wheat cutlery sets as a corporate gift is becoming more popular.

(FG-399) 400ml Straw Wheat Tumbler ($3.40)

Straw Wheat Tumbler

With the Straw Wheat Tumbler, you can save the environment while sipping your tea. The wheat straw of this tumbler is held together with starch and food-grade polypropylene, making it eco-friendly because it consists of natural materials. You can use them as corporate promotional giveaways. A great tumbler to have your logo imprinted on!

(FG-823) A6 Eco-friendly notebook with 80 sheets blank pages ($0.50)

A6 Eco-friendly notebook

Check out the FG Concepts notebook if you use it a lot or need a simple, high-quality one. For $0.50, you can get the handy 13cm x 8cm brown soft cover paper notebook. This small notebook is both portable and sturdy, and it can go with you wherever you go.

(FG-204) Recycled Post-It Pad ($0.80)

Recycled Post-It Pad

You can stick and re-stick these notes to carry reminders and to-dos with you throughout the day and leave these on doors, windows, or walls. The unique adhesive adheres and re-adheres to keep your message front and center. Carry your notes around with you throughout the day. At just 8.5cm x 8cm, it is an excellent way to stock your workspace. This post-it pad is recyclable, and the paper used in them comes from certified, renewable, and responsibly managed forests.

(FG-462) Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box with handle and spoon & chopsticks ($3.70)

Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box

With the Wheat Straw Bento Lunch Box, you can start living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle! This one-of-a-kind lunch box has a handy top storage compartment that can nicely fit utensils. Heat your packed lunch in the microwave or freezer.

With the increasing climatic changes and emerging concerns about the harmful effects of plastics, it’s time for Singapore to transition to more eco-friendly corporate gifts. These eco-friendly corporate gifts will leave the recipients with a lasting sense of appreciation and admiration, which will reflect well on your company. Contact FG Concepts – your #1 corporate gifts company in Singapore today!

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