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5 Most Unique Corporate Gifts For Customers in Malaysia

When it comes to the goods and services they purchase, consumers have more options than ever before. And their freedom of choice does not end until they sign a contract with you. Customer retention is critical to a company’s long-term success.

But how can you combat churn and demonstrate that you care about your customers’ business? The response, of course, are unique corporate gifts, in addition to a great product and outstanding customer service. Don’t know where to begin? These guidelines will assist you in selecting the ideal gift every time:

Personalize your gifts: Don’t order 30 wine of the month subscriptions and give them to all of your customers, including the two who don’t drink and the one who has repeatedly expressed their love for alcohol. Consider your champion’s interests and hobbies and find a gift that will mean something to them.

Don’t go overboard: If your client pays $200 a year for your product or service, sending them a $300 coffee maker is excessive. To ensure that no one is offended by the donation, keep it in proportion to how much a client’s business spends on you.

Don’t limit yourself to the holiday season when it comes to giving gifts. Throughout the year, submit tokens of gratitude. You’ll stop disappearing into a crowd of break room gift baskets lying sadly in their cellophane if you give gifts outside of December. Furthermore, gifts are intended to demonstrate to your clients that you care about their company throughout the year, not just when they’re up for an annual review.

Now that you’ve reviewed the fundamentals of gift-giving, here are a few no-fail client gifts to keep you top of mind during the year.

Corporate gifting is a tried-and-true way to engage prospects, clients, consumers, and more—and for good reason. Physical objects, such as corporate gifts, are easier for people to interpret and remember than digital media, according to research.

Many businesses use corporate gifting to elicit action from customers, as 79 percent of consumers respond to direct mail right away, compared to just 45 percent who respond to email right away. Most likely, you have one or two corporate presents on your desk or in your office right now.

Although corporate gifting is successful, you’ll need to stand out in the mailbox as well to truly make an impression on your recipient. This means coming up with original corporate gift ideas that will leave a lasting impression, raise brand awareness, and motivate your recipients to act.

What Characterizes a Creative Corporate Gift Idea?

There are many ways to set your company’s corporate gifts apart from the competition and increase the probability that your submit will have a positive impact.

Corporate Gifts That Are One-of-a-Kind

Via an individualized and intimate approach, one-to-one marketing builds relationships with consumers. You can personalize customer interactions using social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter based on their preferences, habits, demographics, and more.

For a one-to-one submit, you can really get creative with your gift and take the initiative. If your recipient was recently promoted, give them a career development book as well as a congratulatory note outlining how your company will assist them with their new role. Give them a hat with their favorite team’s logo and a message about how your companies will make a “perfect team” if they’re a sports fan.

Corporate Gifts for One-to-Many

A wider approach to outreach is one-to-many marketing. Instead of trying to personalize your contact, you use this approach to reach groups of customers.

Personalization on a mass scale is still possible for a one-to-many deliver. Consider which industry your corporate gifts are intended for and what things may be appropriate. Send practical gifts to real estate brokers, such as festive key chains, or customized laptop backpacks to startup employees. Your brand will stay top of mind if your gift serves a role in their everyday lives and is used repeatedly.

Skip the traditional brown boxes and manilla envelopes for these corporate gifts to increase the company’s perceived value. Instead, add to the 83 percent of customers who are happy when they receive shipments by making your packaging fun to open. Remember that anything with your logo on it is a direct representation of your company, so even minor details can make a big difference! Furthermore, you’ll want to be recognized as a company that goes above and beyond and is caring, rather than one that uses mass impersonal gifts to get on a company’s radar.

Make it a reality

Defining an aim that this gift will help you accomplish is an important part of corporate gifting. Are you sending a top-of-funnel gift to boost brand recognition, a middle-of-funnel gift to boost interaction, or a bottle-of-funnel gift to boost pipeline? Consider where your recipient is in the sales cycle and how you can get the most return on this submit while developing a gifting strategy. What call-to-action would make your gift deserving of the time and effort you put into it?

A great one-of-a-kind corporate gift should be able to elicit a reaction. As part of their call-to-action, try to get the recipient to connect with the gift in some way. Build an atmosphere with your submit, whether it’s putting together a gingerbread house, redeeming a code on your website, or sharing cupcakes with coworkers. These encounters would be much more unforgettable than sending a coffee mug or a promotional pen.

Now that you have the tips and tricks on how to get a corporate gift. Let’s get into the 5 corporate gift ideas
unique corporate gifts you can get for your customers.

  1. Infrared Thermometer


unique corporate gifts

This is a unique but very useful gift especially in these times due to COVID-19. This will make the customer remember you every time it is used as they will have to take their employees temperature or even their clients temperature and that will also remind them this was a gift from you.

  1. Sweatshirt Hoodie (without zip)

 custom corporate gifts


This is also a unique gift but very functional. Whenever they feel cold in the office or outside and they use the hoodie they will remember who gave it to them and it will definitely leave a lasting impression.

  1. Wireless Arch Mouse

corporate gifts singapore


This is a good gift as it is unique but functional and comfortable. Most people would give stationery but a mouse makes you stand out as when your customers use it they will remember you and the best part is it is arched which makes it more comfortable to use.

  1. 5L PC Bottle with strap

corporate gifts idea singapore


This is a really functional gift as your customer can use this at work or outside and the best part is that there is a strap and it can hold 1.5 litres of water which means less refills. Every time your customers drink from it they will think of you.

  1. PU Namecard Holder with Magnetic Button


cheap corporate gifts singapore

This is a really thoughtful gift as your customers can store their name cards with ease and whenever they give it out you will be remembered.

  • Sweatshirt Hoodie (without zip)
  • Wireless Arch Mouse
  • 5L PC Bottle with strap
  • PU Namecard Holder with Magnetic Button

Those were just some of the unique corporate giftsyou can give to your customers. The corporate give ideas above are cheap corporate gifts and are also some of the corporate gifts online.

Pricing Table for Products

FG Concept Pte Ltd
FGCategoryProductPriceProduct Code
COVID-19 ESSENTIALSInfrared Thermometer$28.00NIL
JACKETSSweatshirt Hoodie (without zip)$12.00FGO-SS14
I.T.Wireless Arch Mouse$7.00FG-47
DRINKWARES1.5L PC Bottle with strap$4.40FG-480
PU LEATHERPU Namecard Holder with Magnetic Button$4.40FG-274
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